Farm Rewards

Learn about our big Incentive to use our decentralized Trading Bot: Farm Rewards. Earn TCC Tokens for depositing TC into our product and boost your rewards with one of our NFTs.

The current rate of farm rewards is 21.0%. The multiplier shown on the website is what you are earning in relation to this rate. If the website shows 1x then at present time you're earning 21.0% per year. If the website shows 2x then you're earning 42.0% per year. When you deposit TC into the bot, you will begin earning at the 1x mulitplier. Let's say you deposit 420 TC into the bot and no cash. In one year's time you'll have earned 88.2 TCC in farm rewards.

To calculate out the week-to-week rewards take the current rate divided by 100, since it's a percentage, and then further divided by 52, since that's the number of weeks in a year, and multiply by the quantity of TC on-deposit like so: (21.0 / 100 / 52) * {quantityTC}.

With cash deposited into the bot, you will begin earning at the 2x multiplier but your TC will go down every week due to paying for Weekly Upkeep. Let's assume the weekly upkeep fee remains static for an entire year at 100 TC per week and you deposit 6900 TC and some cash. At the end of one year you'll have 1200 TC remaining and have earned 1827 TCC. If you had deposited 6900 TC and no cash, in one year's time you'd still have 6900 TC but only 1449 TCC and – most importantly – no chance at any additional cash.

With cash deposited into the bot:

  • Silver holders will see a 2.25x multiplier
  • Gold holders will see a 2.50x multiplier
  • Legendary holders will see a 2.75x multiplier
  • Insane holders will see a 3.00x multiplier

That means using the same 6900 TC example above, an Insane holder with cash in the bot for one year will still have 6900 TC and also have earned an insane 4347 TCC farm rewards. NFT's can have use-cases after all.