Bot Fees

The Triple Confirmation Project has a very easy, straightforward fee structure, and we want to be very transparent about that. It's your hard-earned money, and we respect that!

Operating Deposit

The Operating Deposit is implemented to ensure investors are participating in the greater TC tokennomics while the Weekly Upkeep remains affordable to everyone. The current Operating Deposit is 10:1 cash-to-TC. If you deposit 10 USDC, you must also deposit 1 TC to be held as an Operating Deposit. If you deposit 690 USDC, you must also deposit 69 TC. The Operating Deposit will not be used towards paying the bot's Weekly Upkeep, nor will it accrue TCC farm rewards. If you already have TC on-deposit in the bot and make a cash-only deposit, the Operating Deposit will automatically be subtracted from your existing TC deposits. As an example: You deposit 420 TC into the bot and no cash. Your Operating Deposit is currently 0 TC and you will accrue Farm Rewards on the full 420 TC. You then deposit 30 USDC and no TC. Your Operating Deposit has now become 3 TC and only the remaining 417 TC will earn you Farm Rewards. That 417 TC will also be subject to the Weekly Fee. If you're confused, don't worry, all of the above is automatically managed for you. Our future bot website will show you a breakdown of everything line-by-line. It's quite easy: Deposit TC + Deposit Cash to use the bot.

The Operating Deposit is implemented to ensure more prominent investors, such as hedge funds or institutional asset managers, participate in the greater TC tokenomics while concurrently providing the Weekly Upkeep remains affordable to everyone. We want to ensure an average income earner in Pakistan, Finland, Iran, or Chile can all use our DEX Trading Bot. An Operating Deposit in proportion to cash deposits was the best solution to ensuring equity across all users.

When you withdraw, your Operating Deposit is reduced to the percentage of the total cash balance withdrawn. For example, if you deposited 100 USDC and immediately requested a withdrawal of 10 USDC, then 10% of your Operating Deposit will automatically be released, and you will begin earning the TCC farm rewards. Another example is if your current balance is 40 USDC and you request a withdrawal of 8 USDC, 20% of your Operating Deposit will be released.Should you request to withdraw your entire cash balance, your whole TC Operating Deposit will also be removed and may be withdrawn in the same transaction.Or separately. The choice, as always, is yours.

Weekly Upkeep (TC)

The Weekly Upkeep fee is charged in TC. If you have no cash deposited into the bot, then your Weekly Upkeep fee is 0. The Weekly Upkeep fee is charged every Monday at noon in the UTC timezone. If you have no cash in the bot and make a cash deposit you'll pay for the remainder of the current week. After that, you'll be charged a week's Upkeep the following Monday. The current cost of 1 week's uptime is 100 TC. The Weekly Upkeep can be changed once each week. Changes to the Weekly Upkeep fee can range from up to an +5% increase to a -99.9% decrease. The minimum Weekly Upkeep fee is 0.00002 TC. There is no maximum besides the limit of a +5% increase week-to-week. On the trading bot webpage, the Days Remaining field displays the number of days you have if the Weekly Upkeep fee does not change.

Since there's effectively no limit on how much the fee may decrease week-to-week, the multi-sig administrators can ensure the Weekly Upkeep fee remains affordable to all. Attention will be maintained on how the TC token relates to national governmental currencies. Since the project has no control over the decentralized TC token, we hope to achieve equitable access to all by adjusting the Weekly Upkeep fee. We expect the fee-to-userbase relationship to be inverse: The fee will generally decrease as our number of users increases.

Profit-Sharing (Cash)

The profit-sharing fee is charged in cash. For Alpha, that means USDC. As we add more Pairs & Strategies, that's expected to change. The profit-sharing fee is always paid in the token you deposit since that's the cash token for a given strategy.

Profit sharing is only charged on profits earned and occurs as soon as a trade exists. The current profit-sharing rate is 10.0%. NFT holders benefit by owing a reduced rate. The higher your NFT level, the lower your profit-sharing rate. Reductions do not stack; only the highest level applies (most significant reduction). When the Bot exits a trade, the profit share is automatically deducted and sent to the multi-sig treasury wallet to ensure the bot's continued operation and development.