2023 Milestones

What our focus is in 2023.

Q1 – Endorsement: Before we can launch to the public, we need an Endorsement from an authorised Endorsing Body.

Q1 – Innovator Visa: Having obtained an Endorsement, submit the required and relevant documents to the UK Home Office for visa processing.

Q2 – Company Filing: Upon receiving permission to establish our company in the UK, formally establish the business. We’ve already secured a UK solicitor on an open-ended retainer ready to assist us with the legal paperwork required to establish an LLP or similar business entity.

Q2 – Sister Community Outreach:
Considering the macro environment of the broader cryptocurrency market cycle, we believe it to be a good idea to start by marketing ourselves to those with existing knowledge of cryptocurrencies. That means tapping into current communities on Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Rather than running advertisements directly, we feel hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA’s) and engaging with our sister communities would be the most beneficial and provide the most natural path to organic growth via word-of-mouth. As each of our three Founders are well-seasoned veterans of the crypto space, we each have pre-existing connections to other communities.

Q2 – Public Alpha Product Release:
Launch our TC Token and TC Trading Bot for public consumption. In Q1 2023, we are continuing to internally test the functionality and fix any software bugs that appear before our Q2 2023 public launch.

Q3 – Social Media Marketing Campaign:
Develop and run traditional advertisements across major social media platforms with a target on crypto-interested individuals. As our service is built to be exceptionally easy to use and have greater transparency than our competitors, we feel that a more traditional marketing campaign is the next logical step to obtaining users.

Q3 – Centralised Exchange Integration: Many users prefer to keep their funds on centralised exchanges (CEX’s), whether because of the ease of use in CEX’s integration with TradFi or because they prefer the convenience of keeping their funds in a single location. Regardless of the reason, we believe offering our trading signals for execution on a CEX via their API to be another market available for expansion.