2022 Milestones

What we focused on in 2022.

    • Early Adopter Off-Chain Tokens: To reward our early supporters, incentivise further testing, and quickly decentralise, we released a limited number of off-chain tokens through our Discord in April 2022. Earnable through interacting with other users on Discord and playing our mini-games, our token value rose a staggering 1428% in 5 months, proving clear interest in our ideas. Rather than money itself, the venture capital we seek is community engagement and dialogue. Incentivising users to engage with each other and the TC team fosters a tighter-knit community, creating organic social governance from within.
    • Prototype On-Chain Token: Unlike other blockchain-based FinTech projects, we wrote our token contract from scratch. We successfully mirrored the balances in Discord onto our on-chain token and successfully verified acceptance for trading bot access during our prototype test in September 2022. We feel confident that our services will be ready for public consumption in Q2 2023. Our early adopters assisted greatly in testing all minimum viable product (MVP) functionality and in verifying the full decentralisation of our custom-written token contract.
    • Website Development: In May 2022, we started work on our website, obtaining our favoured URL and developing a brand identity. We’ve since written detailed information about our platform and team, ready for a Q2 2023 launch.
    • Wiki Development: In June 2022, we released a comprehensive knowledge base to be hosted on our website, offering detailed explanations of our proposed technology, trading strategies, and products.
    • Alpha Product Test: In September 2022, we successfully ran a closed-alpha test of our platform with a small group of early adopters and developers.
    • Merch Store: In December 2022, we readied an online Triple Confirmation merchandise store.
    • Custom-coded Smart Contracts: Throughout 2022, over 1,500 hours of labour have been poured into ensuring the first public release of our decentralised smart contract system will be a resounding success.
    • We launched a podcast with three new weekly episodes featuring interviews with industry experts and discussions on the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market.