Meet the Triple Confirmation
on-chain Trading Bot

secured by the Avalanche Blockchain in a transparent, non-discriminatory, censorship-resistant manner.

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Trade smarter, not harder with Triple Confirmation

Triple Confirmation aims to revolutionise the crypto market by providing a decentralised, automated trading platform built on Avalanche and other EVM-compatible blockchains. The trading strategies are designed to analyse market trends and execute trades on behalf of users, whilst smart contracts ensure that users always maintain control over their funds and can cancel or modify trades at any time. Unlike centralised exchanges, Triple Confirmation does not hold custody of user funds, and instead uses 0x for trade execution and AAVE for short positions, allowing for a decentralised movement of funds. Triple Confirmation strives to push forward the crypto industry's decentralisation and provide a secure and profitable automated trading experience for all crypto users.

Wiki / Documentation

For more information, check out our Wiki and Documentation for detailed instructions on how to use our bot. These pages have something for everyone, whether you are a seasoned trader or new to cryptocurrency trading.

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TC Presale

The Triple Confirmation decentralised Presale is a crowdfunding event for TC Utility Tokens with the option of Vesting+ to earn additional benefits like our special Presale NFTs. Funds raised will be used to bootstrap the TC/USDC liquidity pool.

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TC Milestones

Foundation Work

In 2022, we worked on starting the TC Ecosystem and preparing for a public release in 2023.
Check out our Business Plan for more information about what we achieved in 2022.

Smart contracts

Our team has spent over 1,500 hours designing, testing, and refining our decentralised smart contract system for a successful public release. We have consulted with experts and sought feedback from early adopters to address any issues and create a reliable, secure system for our users. We are excited to share it with the world, "very thoon".

Alpha v2 ✅

We are pleased to announce the release of the second version of our Alpha Trading Bot, which has been redesigned and overhauled to be more robust and reliable. We are confident that this new version will be a major step forward for our project.

Endorsement & Innovator Visa

We need to obtain an endorsement from an authorised body in the UK and submit documents before launching our Presale and Beta to the public. This is to ensure compliance with regulations and a successful launch.

Company Filing & Public Release

Hopefully, in Q2, we have received permission to establish our company in the UK and begin the public launch. We already secured a UK solicitor to ensure all legal paperwork is properly completed. During Q1 2023, we will internally test the TC Token and TC Trading Bot, with the help of the community. If any issues arise, we will work to resolve them before our planned public launch in Q2 2023.

Sister Community Outreach

We plan to market ourselves to current cryptocurrency communities on social media platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Twitter through hosting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and engaging with sister communities. Our founders have pre-existing connections in the crypto space; make sure to check them out!

Introducing Vesting+

A new way of receiving Tokens after Presale

Vesting+ is a new way of receiving Tokens after Presale. Most Projects lock up your Tokens for a long time, and you're not in control of your funds. The process is often hard to understand, or you lose significant token value because you can't access your tokens. With Vesting+, you can decide how much of your tokens you want to vest and receive substantial benefits. The choice is always yours!

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Gold Triple Confirmation Presale NFT
Insane Triple Confirmation Presale NFTs

Get the chance to earn some of our limited Presale NFTs

We want to show the world that NFT Technology is much more than art in the crypto space. Our limited NFT Collection allows our users to boost their bot experience even further.

  • Pay less TC per week to run the bot
  • Deposit a lower Operating Deposit
  • Owe a smaller penalty to withdraw USDC immediately
  • Earn bonus TCC for having cash deposited into the bot

Features that set us apart

24/7 Community Support

Our Discord Moderators and Ambassadors are always willing to help and are located around the world. Their dedication to providing great support is greatly appreciated by our community.

Custom-coded Smart Contracts

Our smart contracts are 100% custom coded, not copied and pasted from OpenZeppelin or any other source. They have been designed and tested to ensure they are secure, efficient, and reliable.

On-chain Shorting

Our Trading Bot can open Short positions directly on the blockchain, allowing anyone to easily trade in a fully decentralised manner, something no other cryptocurrency project has achieved!